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Jumaat, 30 September 2011

there're some HINTS when we like someone...

Hi Assalamualaikum readers
* WARNING ! meter gedik berada pada tahap BAHAYA.

http://www.smileycodes.infoSalam, yes ! mungkin ada saat bila kita rasa we're getting fond of the person that we meet almost everyday kan? Memang tipulah kalau aku cakap aku tak pernah nak "tersukewsuki" dekat orang kan haha.. ok lets begin from friends. Cara aku approach friend? and some hints showing that I love being his/her friend.

1) when we engage in a conversation we'll talk like non-stop, there's always something to say.

2) when he/she cracks out a joke, I'll laugh and forget about the world and its problems.

3) when we fight, it'll look damn serious and I'll oppose him/her perpetually (: P) cari gaduh la kira.

4) aku akan tease him/her atau menghanjing bak kata classmates aku

http://www.smileycodes.infoThe opposite, kira kureng selesa to accept him/her as friend. These people have two probabilities. One is they're better off as someone Dear to me or they're better off as Nobody *like they are just passing by my life. The hints are: 

1) dia balas sepatah, aku pn sepatah... the conversation ended short (most of the time)

2) awkward moment, no smile/laugh -- stiff,blushing,and tekak kering, suara x keluar etc haha

3) awkward questions. "dah makan?" haha like this maybe.

4) the 4th hint when I have crush on someone is bila aku asek cari point nak gaduh dengan si dia gegeh mintak perhatian hahaha.

5) last but not least, will never ever have the guts to start the conversation first...well rarely have the guts.

"i'm just watching from a distance, she looks lovely in red+black / soft blue."
lalala ~ haha shoo ! shoo ! p main jauh2 .. bad feeling, haha jangan dilayan sangat monkey crush ineh takut menjadi-jadi.. 

- that's all from meh
Asyraf Glee

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