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Isnin, 29 Julai 2013

Poetretica ~

| Epic of Arbors and Faith |
by Muhammad Asyraf

Voices, as I listen deep to my insights, 
Along the au bade of canaries in my parade, 
Thoughts; have I strayed away from the lights? 
Shelters of oaks and cypress be my aid, 
None must learn of this endless endeavour, 
For it only matters to me is His favour,

Shall I write a tale of traverse town square,
Where all lies; vendors are trading souls,
Perpending deceptions; which mask to wear?
Or shall I confess to God, of the pain and tremors,
To where I am wandering now is chained to the past,
For my conviction has been jagged by evil knife,

And to all disgusts that I kept at the bay of forgiveness,
Will I ever learn the truth; of justice and love in life?
Or do I rather bask in the darkest shade of ignorance?
Without much purposes in hands, striving for happiness,
Though has faith been smeared; of wounds that last,
In the might of a lion, I shall walk another distance,

Never should I crumble along with hopeless dreams,
Nor devotedly wait for miracles to call my esteem,
Of crickets night; broken by the wise hooting of owl,
And his prophesy of a man caught in his own foul,
For that I shall travel deep through the forest of mind,
And gather back all the faith that I have long forlorn,

I will listen closely to the wind that brings me creed,
To find the tree which marked on it, a sacred writ,
Which beyond the bark lies its wise flesh I need,
And nearby, there will be a stream of beliefs,
Clear like a glass, that it mirrors truths in bits,
Where finally I can rest and take a sip of victory.

Rabu, 17 Julai 2013

The Magic Trick to Successful College Life ?

| Goals;Organize;Relationships;Commitment;Attitude |

Hey there ! So tonight's script will be a waffling post on how can you ace college life without much dire straits. Before we start maybe I should quote something first... hmmm let's see... Ahah ! "Skills are honed from experience and with it comes knowledge," what's implied here is if you really want to be a great scholar of your lifetime please remember that knowledge would not suffice nor help you with life if you have never experienced any form of hands on situation in which you deal with knowledge applications. In other simpler shorter words, bookish information will not come in handy when you never even use it and your cognitive growth becomes ineffective (knowledge without experience are not even knowledge to begin with). Both must come together, in equilibrium and thereon they will create a true scholar. It's like a mash up songs... both come into a dynamic where they create greater soul for the music and its listeners. You will learn as soon as you finish reading this. Nevertheless, I'm sure many of you here are a bunch of enthusiastic learners craving for new experiences in life with a whole new surrounding. Very well then ! To begin a journey one would be grateful to have an Adventurer-Aid-Kit and like any other adventurers there must be an ultimate goal they wish to achieve in their epics. And for students as well, of course you need to have your very own goals, make it both long and short. Long-term goal is what you wish to achieve by the end of your journey. Say if it's a prince embarking on a journey to find love, his long term goal would be returning back to his kingdom with his future queen. But in your case, maybe your long term goal would be more on career prospect / academic fulfillment. Short-term goals are like when you play Sim, your Sim will have these needs you need to fulfill in order for it to be functional (they keep your Sim under control). Short-term goals in college life will help students big time ! They keep you in track and focused.
So... how can we be conscious of our goals ? Good question there Brian ! Well to be alert or aware of your short-term goals you need tangible entities to remind you, for instance your mom ! Haha remember when she keeps yapping because you haven't start doing your chores ? Well some sort of that, or maybe you could have a Reminder Board that will show you all the things you have to do for the day. List out everything in your To-Do-List and paste it on your door/anywhere you often meet with the eyes. Enough on goals let's move on to getting organized, now to be an organized student means to appreciate time, always peculiar about your schedule and never ever let yourself be infected by a disease called procrastination. You can chill out and slack around all you want but do not attempt procrastination as it will crunch on your soul at the end of the day (not sure how you can manage that). Trust me ! My experience tells a lot, I remember the nightmare crystal clear ! You don't want your last minute assignment to be rejected by the Professor after submission because it will distort your goals and make you go loco ! Make yourself a time-table so you wont miss any class. Stay in touch with your group-mates in a group assignment. Always update on things that have been done and things that are yet to be done. Stay tune with your lecturer for clarifications (you cannot be organized when you don't know). Ask questions whenever you feel like because knowing more than you should will keep you in the 'safe zone'. Oooh! And don't forget to eat and bathe; so that concludes being organized. Now we move to relationships, as denoted by the terminology 'relationship', this concerns your network with God, Parents, Lecturers and Friends. This is a very crucial form of network where it will be your socio-emotional support as well as spiritual. Do remember that you cannot function alone without the help of your significant others. You will need them as much as they need you, except for God... oh He doesn't need you but you will surely need Him anytime anywhere and without Him I can't guarantee luck will forever be on your side. So do establish a healthy relationship with each and every one of these individuals. Lecturers will give you the academic advantage as they are your mentor and you are their apprentice/disciple, so treat them with respect and you will get the most from their lessons. Friends are the strongest beings you can hold up to because peer power will keep you acquainted and motivated through thick and thin other than your parents. As for parents, they're the monetary supplier and also morale booster ! Promise yourself that you will make them proud and you will pay them back for all the things they have done (though you can never return the favour at least show some efforts to appreciate their deeds.)
The last two ingredients (and gosh I'm getting sleepy), commitment and attitude. Once in a while you will reach to a point where stressful vibe strikes and tons of works keep piling up. Sometimes I even wondered myself, how in hell do they keep multiplying ? They're breeding like mad rabbits I tell ya ! Yes I'm talking about assignments ... for me they are far worse than test papers ! You will encounter a lecturer with no mercy nor concern of your life whatsoever. To them you are nothing but a slave. Just deal with it ! Stop complaining and give your best commitment to your studies. That is a typical challenge and you should be fond of it by now. Please please please don't give up no matter what and if you hold up to those three things I outlined up there you will be indestructible even if there's an ark full of assignments coming rightat'cha ! Wohoo ! So there we go... commitment ! If you lose it then there must be something wrong with either one of the three basic pillars of a successful student in you. Finally ! The point where I have been waiting for.... (so I can hit the sack and shut down my brain) and last but not least is your attitude, respect others regardless of age and educational background, stay humble, be decent and modest all the time. Help others in need (even better when you feel like you have a lot to share) and believe me on this, the more you help people the more likely you will get the favours returned. If not by humans then God will personally drop you a present from the sky as a reward for easing others'life. Avoid being clueless and all Mr-I-Dont-Give-A-Shit attitude because you might end up in your own ignorance without you even realizing it. People despise ignorant-I-know-it-all-not punk... so don't be like that because if you deem respect from others the first thing you need give in is your share of respect for them and then the table will return to your bidding. Learn to listen to people's opinion even if it sounds ridiculous to you; respect that. Learn to tolerate with people who might not understand between the lines but will later do after you sincerely explain to them. Attitude is everything in shaping a scholar, there are so many things to talk on when it concerns attitude. Respect the knowledge that you're learning and it will become the most valuable thing you ever possessed. Respect the mediator of knowledge and you will a golden bridge connecting you with lessons of life that can never be found anywhere else. Love and care for others. I think I'm at my limit.... sorry but if you catch my drift you should be able to wrap up everything acute and nice in that brilliant brain of yours. :)) Good night and good luck ! 

don't waste out that time given for you,
being a student is a privilege so learn to appreciate it for once

Jumaat, 12 Julai 2013

UPM TESL Program ! Come In Please ~

Before we begin... let's just wrap up this long post in case you have second thoughts after scrolling down the long crappy lane. Essentially this post is going to unzip all those questions drumming wild in our ever spirited juniors (Peculiarly TESL students//Generally UPM students) - or soon to be freshmen of Universiti Putra Malaysia ! Questions of high regard and mostly pertaining TESL program in UPM and a little sneak-peak of UPM itself. Beforehand, we bid you a warm welcome and congratulations for making it through ~ *now give yourself a pat on the back* 

Now to be one of the lucky few ... you got to feel really favoured by the odds I must say, we have the best TESL school in the country and not to mention the University itself ranks 1st in research augmentation (fact). As for many claimed that another local University placed first in the local IPTA ranking,but nevertheless for me we are without doubt inaugural and worldly recognized. With the capacity of over 14,000 undergraduates with 56 Bachelor Programmes, 83% graduate marketability, efficient organizing team of UPM Student Council under the leadership of our Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Shatar....Okaayyy ! Enough jibber jabber of those on top.... Let's loosen up a bit and walk the park... I think it's much easier for me to do this from my very point of view... 

Alright then, shall we skip the formalities and go wild !? XD Okay after 1 year sailing through this gargantuan path (you see it's time for a wake up call here, Degree life is both mentally and physically challenging... YUP ! So buckle up !) But fear not, as seniors like myself flourish through the land of UPM like wild mushrooms, ready to give our best guide through your 1st year before you can live on your own.... Some of you won't even need us trust me, because it's not that hard :) Once you get the hang of it, you'll be fine... but be sure to know, this is just the tip of the iceberg there are things that you need to find out on your own in order to get the best college experience in UPM. Unlike other questions lurking inside those curious minds, I'm sure you are itching to know how freshmen orientation goes right ? 

Well... Orientation here is unlike anywhere else, I enjoyed orientation like I never had one... Tiring ? Of course it is ! Where's the thrill if you don't get to experience that lethargic feeling after days of orientation. What I did was swim with the tide, follow the rules, and I survived... in fact I enjoyed orientation. Paling best dekat Dewan Besar ! :D You will remember UPM's orientation for the rest of your life ~ lagi-lagi kalau kolej you best ! 

Next question please ! UPM ada berapa kolej ? Well UPM ada 17 colleges, 3 colleges exclusively built for future engineers and medics.. (they're the anak emas here) haha but no worries we get to reside on the 'mainland' of UPM (dekat dengan Bangunan Pentadbiran, Bendahari, Koperasi, Library and Faculty). Probably most of you will be placed at one of the Traditional Colleges (either K2, Kolej Tun Dr Ismail, K6, Kolej Canselor, K5, KTP and KPZ) these are traditional colleges so living up to the name, they reek of traditions and interesting lifestyles ... dia mcm Greek-system sikit so don't be shocked if you get to be in the same college as your other counterpart gender. Walaupun same college you guys will be residing in different blocks la of course (Dream on kalau nk stay same room/floor) haha.

Kolej dari fakulti jauh tak ? 

click on this map, nanti you'll get one during orientation... UPM sure looks big aye ? But naah, once you get the routes you'll be able to access every dot on the map like a ninja *hyahhh!* The good thing about our campus is it's very organized and strategic. Kalau traditional colleges should take about 5-10 minutes kalau  jalan tak lenggang mak bedah ke Fakulti Pendidikan, but worry not as bas mmg sentiasa ada... there has NEVER been a day when I go out and there's no bus waiting in front of my college. The condition is YOU make it on time... nanti you'll get next semester's punya jadual bas okay ?

 Now back to UPM.... It's located at the suburb of Kuala Lumpur which is Serdang, the nearest shopping malls for you to feed your shopaholic beasts chained inside... are The Mines, Alamanda and JUSCO Balakong... oooh wait ! There's more... it's near to Putrajaya so you get to shop and sight seeing , if you're lucky you get to see the Prime Minister's wife... (haha okay I'm kidding) The best part is our mobile system enables us to access places outside of the campus easier than ever... we have buses (South City) - admission free - this bus will take you to the KTM station, where you are now at the point where you can access almost the whole state of Selangor *means more shopping complexes - MidValley etc - muhahaha* - not forgetting N9, Melaka, Johor - practically everywhere ! XD Ooh ! We're near to KLIA as well, the nearest Bus Station is Terminal Bas Bandar Tasik Selatan, to those dwelling in the Southern Corridor of Malaysia should know this already... it will only take you 1 station from KTM Serdang to go there and buy your ticket home ! Yippeeee ! 

Yuran mahal ni macamne ? UiTM murah .... Uni lain murah ? Dudes and dudettes ~ Believe it or not, that fee is really worth the catch ! You takkan kopak dan kebuluran selagi mak ayah you sayang you dik ! Haha... Yuran UPM ni mmg paling mahal... why ? Because it's pretty luxurious I must say... 1st year students, your fee will cover all those transportation service, medical expenses, college fees and academic fees (your yuran depends on your program pengajian lah ye... jgn compare ngn budak medic pulak) all these services you get to enjoy dah subsidized tu dik... total fees untuk program B.Ed TESL kalo x silap around 40k... tolak darab bahagi... you just have to pay 11k throughout 4 years of study - period. 1st sem je 2.1k something... nanti semester dah meningkat dewasa it'll get cheaper... 2nd sem tinggal 1.6k... Oh and your 1st year's fee mahal because of Meal Card... Da hell is that ? Meal Card ni you can use it in almost all cafeterias on campus ! Which is absolutely undeniably helpful bila you dah kopak selalu sangat makan McD dan outing dengan rakan-rakan... tiba-tiba you lapar kan. Haha that's Meal Card... you'll be installed with RM400 something in that card so that's included in your 2.1k fee. Transportation pun cover the whole years of study dekat UPM from that 2.1k... Sweet right ? Wait till you get here and experience it yourself ! 

this is Miss Sharifah your
'fairy godmother'
 now remember that face well !
 Now let's get down to business... the real deal... yeahhh ! Behold ! The ever anticipated TESL family ! Welcome aboard freshmen ! Since you got yourselves in the program.. once you're registered you will be named TESL Babies ! I repeat ! TESL Babies... and we seniors will have our own batch's names... like my batch is Spartans... we have Titans (3rd year) Groovies (4th) and Terrors (Twinning)... next semester we will be celebrating our graduating seniors from the Rockers (finished with their practicum) .. What's that ? You want your own batch's name ? Well don't worry... patience... as you will be granted your own :D when you finish your 2nd semester ! Excitingly enough if you want to know more about the TESL board UPM... you MUST come and ditch the other offers you have. You won't regret it.... Our TESL program is well established and has been producing English teachers for decades... We have amazing lecturers whom I believe outstandingly credible and will give us the best TESL-experience... Don't be afraid cuz they don't bite... Now let me introduce you to your 'fairy godmother' for this 1st year in UPM... she's nice and she'll surely help out whenever you need her most.  On your right.. that's her... screw the meme-generator's font face... XD She will be teaching you two TESL subjects, (LHE code) which I will later list out all the subjects of your first and second semester....

1st Semester Subjects: (Mediocre Tomatoes)

BB*2401 - Foreign Language LV1
 FCE3102 - Philosophy in Education
FCE 3204 - Critical Thinking
BB13201 - Introduction to General Linguistic
PRT2008 - Human and Agriculture
LHE3200 - Communication in TESL
QKK**** - Kokurikulum Berkredit

2nd Semester Subjects: (Tough Leather)

BB*2402 - Foreign Language LV2
FCE3200 - Psychology in Education
LHE3218 - Linguistics and Second Language Teaching
BBL3101 - A Survey of Prose Forms and Poetry in English
SKP2203 - Islam and Asian Civilization
SKP2204 - Ethnic Relation 
QKK**** - Kokurikulum Berkredit

*it is compulsory to take foreign language until lvl 2 but you may proceed with lvl 3 in your 3rd semester... that one you have to extend your credit hours on your own..

*Extra Curricular Activities are of you own consent and choice... you will not be forced to join all the stupid marching and pointless talks to get good grades... you have full-autonomy on this and UPM offers many kinds of extra curricular activities clustered in several modules ranged from - entrepreneurship, community service, recreation, sports, arts, and other tons for you to enjoy... (sweet !)

I guess we're almost done here ! Good luck to all of you and hope to see you in your welcoming party (if we have one that depends on TESL board committee members) ... Please be glad you get a place here... I'm sure many of your friends want to be in your place right now... and for that don't let it go for naught... You will do well I promise... because you have us (your seniors), your great lecturers and UPM. I promise if you get your asses here... We'll talk and I'll give you my words, this 4-year-degree experience will make you a better person by the time you graduate. And that is of course up to your ownself... remember... nothing stands in your way except you (Cik Pah 2013)... you will hear this from your 'fairy godmother' once you get in. :) Until then, take care... have a great Ramadhan, I pray for your health and wellness ... WELCOME ABOARD ! Great Achievers ! :) You certainly deserve this ! Not a single doubt left in... 

if you have further inquiries please go to this site

interrogating session will commence there... : D i will try my best. Anonymity is well tolerated
Thank You ! 

cc: Insyirah Hana and Shafiqa
and soon to be UPM TESLites !

Best regards,

Isnin, 31 Disember 2012

Welcoming Goodbye.

| Until Then |
by: Asyraf Glee

It has been what now ? Months ? Weeks ? Days ? Either way I can't remember the last day I wrote something on this blog. To whom am I writing to now ? Let us see. Okay, I will put it this way; ever since that day, on September 1st. I came here with nothing but anxiety, hopes and the bits of knowledge I had learned from my previous education. Honestly, within this one semester; these 5 months; I have gained a lot, a lot more than just knowledge ! I get to experience new things and I can say that I am glad I ended up here.

New People..
It feels great to meet new people and so does it feels bad to bid them farewell. I'd lived my life a year without the guide of proper TESL seniors. I mean, those who are ought to be respected because they bear something that you might need; and that is wisdom. I never thought seniors could be this mending; always there to lead the way. I' will miss them all. 

Next would be classmates, yeahhh... although at first I thought it was gonna get lame with all the unfamiliar people, but it turns out otherwise! I have great classmates I think, I believe they are one of a kind. All of them has the potentials but because of the difference in previous educational background they seem to bear distinct vibes.That's what makes us unique I guess. I wish to get to know them better and learn to accept their goods and bads; change them if I could and most of all love them as much. 

With all the memories that it bears.... :)) Had a great-long-break in 2012, but too bad it was wasted to nothingness. I know I can't make up for what has passed. So, I believe this is also a goodbye-farewell teenage life. We're moving on to the next level... Adulthood ! Can't believe it's happening :| I don't think I'm ready to go 20 at all.... but oh well... better make a list of what to cover up for next year...

Jumaat, 16 November 2012

Wedding: La counsin

| F a r h a n a  | M r s S y a f i q |
by: Asyraf Glee

Haip ! Memang dah lama kan aku tidak berkarya dengan Incik Non, yang sebenarnya aku pemalu nak snap gambar orang, but an exception to this. It's my cousin's wedding so I'm okay with it this time. We're quite close since I was a little innocent boy (which I'm still is.. hewhew), she has always been a sister to me, I'm the eldest she's the youngest. So yeah everything dovetailed until it is what it is now. Enuff with the mushy details.Here are some of the photos I've snapped, Well enjoy ! :)   

"Hmmm gua pasti kawen jugak suatu hari nanti !" kata baby ini dengan semangat yang membara terpancar di wajahnya. hewhew
ANYWAY ! CONGRATULATION and may your new family be blessed and lead a happy ending till jannah. Kak Ana. I wont be attending her walimatul urus this Saturday, tomorrow I'm goin back to UPM ! Howwwowwowwowww moi etudiant de UPM ! Let's get back to work lad ! Shirttt skrg dah pukul 2 pagi.. 7 hours before departure, aku patut p pack barang lekaih... bye2 thank's fer dropping by :)

Yours truly, le blog fabricator
Asyraf Glee

Selasa, 13 November 2012

Deepavali Dekat Pizza Hut hahaha !

| Long Remembrance |
by: Asyraf

Hiaaa, lama kot tak jumpa budak-budak ni. Hehe, pada hari ini 'seawal' jam 11 pagi saya dikejutkan dengan panggilan hangit Hanis yang baru habish tusyen/tusiyen whatsoever ! Dia dok bising nak keluaq, dan kami pon ambik Hezmee dekat rumah dia which is quite far tapi xpa demi kawan #gtew. Lepas tu lunch lah dekat Pizza Hut. Berjaya paksa Awa mai eventhough dia sibuk. So nothing much to tell, as usual kami akan bergaduh siapa paling gemouk antara kami, tanya berat badan masing2, bila cakap pasal pointer dan cuti mid-sem Hanis diam sbb dia amek STPM. haha budak gemok tu nak exam dah, aku harap dia p Uni jauh2 sikit daripada kot Utara ja bosan ! Meh UPM meh ! :P . Ok dah sudah 'short' post untuk kali ni.. Enjoy :)

Ana Wan Faris Arep... the missing usuals.
lepas jugak rindu dekat puak ni. 

sekian, salam perpaduan
Asyraf Glee

Isnin, 27 Ogos 2012


| Film strips |
by: muhammad asyraf

Rabu, 22 Ogos 2012


| Pom-pam-poom ! |
by: muhammad asyraf

Gitcheww muqri posing haha... candid teruk.. dia la yg aku cakap kutip RM970 in 3 days -_- holy mother of nut holes ! pakai charm apa dik ? haha... #Whateveritis raya ketiga gejala main mercun berleluasa... nindiaaa gengster bawak stock tah dari mana dia seludup aku pon taktau haha... serious pukoi 1 pagi depa dok memekak... aku pon mengambil kesempatan ini untuk berfesta dengan cik non... takmau cakap banyak #enjoy the pics folks..

yaa hanya ada seorang perempuan iaitu Najiyah.. anak paksu ! disebalik keayuan dan kesantunan itu terkeluar juga kepontianakan beliau dengan bermain mercun tanpa had pada jam 01:00 haha... memang minah rempit of the year sangaat. tapi semua orang best tadi. aku pun rasa cik non suka tadi.. (puas hati)

macam dah lama sangat Acap
tak dating dengan cik non kan ? rindu dia <3 font="font">

Selasa, 14 Ogos 2012

modus poetry #1

| The Untold |
by: muhammad asyraf

Heap into this emptiness engulfed deep inside,
Seek if there's not any glint of light delivering his hopes,
From those solely eyes might just see another embolden soul,
From those draped mind you see him ;glorifying over his resolve yet deceived not,
He may seems in vow, as well be astray and just you listen closer,
Listen to this mortified runt, afraid of showing up in his own world,
You'll find him cry, where he bemoans his dark yore,
tormented in the awakening of disgusts over history,
despise himself for what age has taught him none but misery,
Would you listen to his steps... wandering in a lightless wasteland,
listen when he drowned in his shadow, listen to where he calls for guide,
Listen well..... and grant him your grace.

Acap kata,
How I wish I can tell someone in my dream.
"I'm not okay.."

Selasa, 17 Julai 2012

Degree - Life's getting serious !


ini adalah salah satu PONDOK JAGA UPM. Bukan TOL Senawang
/ Kaunter Tiket Zoo Taiping ! COOL KAN ?

salam satu Malaysia ! (bajet blog aku ni femes sangat satu Malaysia) ANYWAY ! after months of waiting, rain, thunder and storm... through dinosaurs,meteors and ice age, (oihh s.t.t.p la haha) .On FRIDAY July 13th - FINALLAAYY ! I can officially beat the drum for Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) 's offer ! tunjuk emblem sikit...

Taraaaa !! Uuulalaaaaa.... (teliuq)

soon I'll become a UPM Student - B.ed TESL student to be precise. I'm super excited laa weh ! ok... (please control yourself).. this has long been my dream to pursue my degree here at UPM. Ok mesti hangpa nak tahu WHAT MADE ME OPT FOR UPM ? it was all because of my dear UiTM lecturers yg banyak sangat cakap pasai UPM , they even regard UPM as the best TESL school by far in Malaysia. so that pretty much influenced me to list UPM in my UPU selection form. I had been pretty much diverted to something else before they started mentioning TESL in UPM. (tapi tapi kalau belajar kat mana pun, pemalas, batak dan hanya tahu menadah air liur lembu tak ke mana jugak kan) haha how did I come up with that one ! it's an unrecognized proverb ok... don't use in karangan rrr

I am a debate enthusiast ! mula-mula aku ni dok berangan nak sambung IIU / UiTM so that I can be actively involved in oratory events - debate, public speaking, forum, etc - these two universities are well known for their eminent devotion and participation to world class oratory competitions. I was craving to be part of the society... but then I reconsidered ! "weh hang dah la tak pandai mana so better strive for 3.8 CGPA, it's your top priority !" and so be it ! *i did apply for IIU/UiTM just not my rezeki I guess

BUT ! who says anything about not joining in UPM (if they hold one) ... I'm willing to join if things are going okay with my academic schedule. 1st Sem rasa macam nak get used with studies and all dulu then 2nd Sem baru nak start berjinak dalam tourneys and all Insya-Allah. *xmau dah laa kena tinggal kelas macam Miss Juritah dengan Miss Siti dulu.. balik-balik dari tournament blurrr Grammar ngn Reading belajar apa.*

JUTAAN TERIMA KASIH : kepada lecturer-lecturer... Mdm Nagamany , Mdm Nisa, Miss Siti, Miss Jue, Mr Naza, Ustaz Ayob, Ustazah Normala, Miss Norzatul. TESLians 2011/2012 .. MT Kolej, RS Kolej, Level-mates, Pembancuh air Jebat,Temenggung dan semua sekalilah ! Hanya Allah sahaja yg mampu balas jasa baik anda :)) <3

Part 2 :


Typical... but meeting new people has been a very decisive event of life after puberty.. lol. I'm well concerned about my future roommate/roommates. I'm the type of person who would suffice in any kind of room/space; as long as I can breathe. The more vital part of my college life is to have specific criteria of  my roommates. I would really appreciate it if i can breathe normal-clean-air in my room after a long day, tired of this and that. I don't mind if he wants to smoke to death, please do so but not in my room (our room). Next is, I can't stand messy people... I can't live in a wrecked ship / a barn (metaphorically describing a messed up room). So those are what I'm worried about, apart from that I'm cool with anything... 

JUST ME BEING THE TYPE OF STUDENT I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN- now lets talk about my 'academic behaviour' ... I work best with fussy and committed lecturers/partner/groupmates, (but please don't stress the hell out of me haha) just kidding ! I find these people helpful in my work though the proximity of repeating my work is at 80% rate. They are hard to please but when you nail their work frame, you're at the peak of success ! They're similar to perfectionist, mean, and egoistic type of working machine. If you don't have a clean coin then don't even think of cheering yourself a can of soda. Also, I'm this type of student, who don't really 'fancy' procrastination. Foundation life has taught me peer reviewing, not peer copy-pasting like how school homework  had cultivated me back in those days (haha ooppss). So if I want a quality review I need to work on a prototype assignment earlier than the date of submission so I wont get a 'star-ratings' on my paper / 'good work' as a comment later on cuz people just loooovvvve to procrastinate ummhhhh yeah it's addictive and contagious ! you wont have the time to review others critically. ONE WEAKNESS ! I am a human being after all, sometimes I forget things like latihan, mini-tasks, and stuffs (mostly the side dish given in class)... I do feel bad if I forget because I don't like to give excuses, "I forgot to bring that/do that madam !" That's just lame and soo not appropriate for university students HOPEFULLY I WONT DO IT AGAIN.


best regards,
Asyraf Glee