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Selasa, 14 Ogos 2012

modus poetry #1

| The Untold |
by: muhammad asyraf

Heap into this emptiness engulfed deep inside,
Seek if there's not any glint of light delivering his hopes,
From those solely eyes might just see another embolden soul,
From those draped mind you see him ;glorifying over his resolve yet deceived not,
He may seems in vow, as well be astray and just you listen closer,
Listen to this mortified runt, afraid of showing up in his own world,
You'll find him cry, where he bemoans his dark yore,
tormented in the awakening of disgusts over history,
despise himself for what age has taught him none but misery,
Would you listen to his steps... wandering in a lightless wasteland,
listen when he drowned in his shadow, listen to where he calls for guide,
Listen well..... and grant him your grace.

Acap kata,
How I wish I can tell someone in my dream.
"I'm not okay.."

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