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Rabu, 17 Julai 2013

The Magic Trick to Successful College Life ?

| Goals;Organize;Relationships;Commitment;Attitude |

Hey there ! So tonight's script will be a waffling post on how can you ace college life without much dire straits. Before we start maybe I should quote something first... hmmm let's see... Ahah ! "Skills are honed from experience and with it comes knowledge," what's implied here is if you really want to be a great scholar of your lifetime please remember that knowledge would not suffice nor help you with life if you have never experienced any form of hands on situation in which you deal with knowledge applications. In other simpler shorter words, bookish information will not come in handy when you never even use it and your cognitive growth becomes ineffective (knowledge without experience are not even knowledge to begin with). Both must come together, in equilibrium and thereon they will create a true scholar. It's like a mash up songs... both come into a dynamic where they create greater soul for the music and its listeners. You will learn as soon as you finish reading this. Nevertheless, I'm sure many of you here are a bunch of enthusiastic learners craving for new experiences in life with a whole new surrounding. Very well then ! To begin a journey one would be grateful to have an Adventurer-Aid-Kit and like any other adventurers there must be an ultimate goal they wish to achieve in their epics. And for students as well, of course you need to have your very own goals, make it both long and short. Long-term goal is what you wish to achieve by the end of your journey. Say if it's a prince embarking on a journey to find love, his long term goal would be returning back to his kingdom with his future queen. But in your case, maybe your long term goal would be more on career prospect / academic fulfillment. Short-term goals are like when you play Sim, your Sim will have these needs you need to fulfill in order for it to be functional (they keep your Sim under control). Short-term goals in college life will help students big time ! They keep you in track and focused.
So... how can we be conscious of our goals ? Good question there Brian ! Well to be alert or aware of your short-term goals you need tangible entities to remind you, for instance your mom ! Haha remember when she keeps yapping because you haven't start doing your chores ? Well some sort of that, or maybe you could have a Reminder Board that will show you all the things you have to do for the day. List out everything in your To-Do-List and paste it on your door/anywhere you often meet with the eyes. Enough on goals let's move on to getting organized, now to be an organized student means to appreciate time, always peculiar about your schedule and never ever let yourself be infected by a disease called procrastination. You can chill out and slack around all you want but do not attempt procrastination as it will crunch on your soul at the end of the day (not sure how you can manage that). Trust me ! My experience tells a lot, I remember the nightmare crystal clear ! You don't want your last minute assignment to be rejected by the Professor after submission because it will distort your goals and make you go loco ! Make yourself a time-table so you wont miss any class. Stay in touch with your group-mates in a group assignment. Always update on things that have been done and things that are yet to be done. Stay tune with your lecturer for clarifications (you cannot be organized when you don't know). Ask questions whenever you feel like because knowing more than you should will keep you in the 'safe zone'. Oooh! And don't forget to eat and bathe; so that concludes being organized. Now we move to relationships, as denoted by the terminology 'relationship', this concerns your network with God, Parents, Lecturers and Friends. This is a very crucial form of network where it will be your socio-emotional support as well as spiritual. Do remember that you cannot function alone without the help of your significant others. You will need them as much as they need you, except for God... oh He doesn't need you but you will surely need Him anytime anywhere and without Him I can't guarantee luck will forever be on your side. So do establish a healthy relationship with each and every one of these individuals. Lecturers will give you the academic advantage as they are your mentor and you are their apprentice/disciple, so treat them with respect and you will get the most from their lessons. Friends are the strongest beings you can hold up to because peer power will keep you acquainted and motivated through thick and thin other than your parents. As for parents, they're the monetary supplier and also morale booster ! Promise yourself that you will make them proud and you will pay them back for all the things they have done (though you can never return the favour at least show some efforts to appreciate their deeds.)
The last two ingredients (and gosh I'm getting sleepy), commitment and attitude. Once in a while you will reach to a point where stressful vibe strikes and tons of works keep piling up. Sometimes I even wondered myself, how in hell do they keep multiplying ? They're breeding like mad rabbits I tell ya ! Yes I'm talking about assignments ... for me they are far worse than test papers ! You will encounter a lecturer with no mercy nor concern of your life whatsoever. To them you are nothing but a slave. Just deal with it ! Stop complaining and give your best commitment to your studies. That is a typical challenge and you should be fond of it by now. Please please please don't give up no matter what and if you hold up to those three things I outlined up there you will be indestructible even if there's an ark full of assignments coming rightat'cha ! Wohoo ! So there we go... commitment ! If you lose it then there must be something wrong with either one of the three basic pillars of a successful student in you. Finally ! The point where I have been waiting for.... (so I can hit the sack and shut down my brain) and last but not least is your attitude, respect others regardless of age and educational background, stay humble, be decent and modest all the time. Help others in need (even better when you feel like you have a lot to share) and believe me on this, the more you help people the more likely you will get the favours returned. If not by humans then God will personally drop you a present from the sky as a reward for easing others'life. Avoid being clueless and all Mr-I-Dont-Give-A-Shit attitude because you might end up in your own ignorance without you even realizing it. People despise ignorant-I-know-it-all-not punk... so don't be like that because if you deem respect from others the first thing you need give in is your share of respect for them and then the table will return to your bidding. Learn to listen to people's opinion even if it sounds ridiculous to you; respect that. Learn to tolerate with people who might not understand between the lines but will later do after you sincerely explain to them. Attitude is everything in shaping a scholar, there are so many things to talk on when it concerns attitude. Respect the knowledge that you're learning and it will become the most valuable thing you ever possessed. Respect the mediator of knowledge and you will a golden bridge connecting you with lessons of life that can never be found anywhere else. Love and care for others. I think I'm at my limit.... sorry but if you catch my drift you should be able to wrap up everything acute and nice in that brilliant brain of yours. :)) Good night and good luck ! 

don't waste out that time given for you,
being a student is a privilege so learn to appreciate it for once

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