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Isnin, 29 Julai 2013

Poetretica ~

| Epic of Arbors and Faith |
by Muhammad Asyraf

Voices, as I listen deep to my insights, 
Along the au bade of canaries in my parade, 
Thoughts; have I strayed away from the lights? 
Shelters of oaks and cypress be my aid, 
None must learn of this endless endeavour, 
For it only matters to me is His favour,

Shall I write a tale of traverse town square,
Where all lies; vendors are trading souls,
Perpending deceptions; which mask to wear?
Or shall I confess to God, of the pain and tremors,
To where I am wandering now is chained to the past,
For my conviction has been jagged by evil knife,

And to all disgusts that I kept at the bay of forgiveness,
Will I ever learn the truth; of justice and love in life?
Or do I rather bask in the darkest shade of ignorance?
Without much purposes in hands, striving for happiness,
Though has faith been smeared; of wounds that last,
In the might of a lion, I shall walk another distance,

Never should I crumble along with hopeless dreams,
Nor devotedly wait for miracles to call my esteem,
Of crickets night; broken by the wise hooting of owl,
And his prophesy of a man caught in his own foul,
For that I shall travel deep through the forest of mind,
And gather back all the faith that I have long forlorn,

I will listen closely to the wind that brings me creed,
To find the tree which marked on it, a sacred writ,
Which beyond the bark lies its wise flesh I need,
And nearby, there will be a stream of beliefs,
Clear like a glass, that it mirrors truths in bits,
Where finally I can rest and take a sip of victory.

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