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Isnin, 31 Disember 2012

Welcoming Goodbye.

| Until Then |
by: Asyraf Glee

It has been what now ? Months ? Weeks ? Days ? Either way I can't remember the last day I wrote something on this blog. To whom am I writing to now ? Let us see. Okay, I will put it this way; ever since that day, on September 1st. I came here with nothing but anxiety, hopes and the bits of knowledge I had learned from my previous education. Honestly, within this one semester; these 5 months; I have gained a lot, a lot more than just knowledge ! I get to experience new things and I can say that I am glad I ended up here.

New People..
It feels great to meet new people and so does it feels bad to bid them farewell. I'd lived my life a year without the guide of proper TESL seniors. I mean, those who are ought to be respected because they bear something that you might need; and that is wisdom. I never thought seniors could be this mending; always there to lead the way. I' will miss them all. 

Next would be classmates, yeahhh... although at first I thought it was gonna get lame with all the unfamiliar people, but it turns out otherwise! I have great classmates I think, I believe they are one of a kind. All of them has the potentials but because of the difference in previous educational background they seem to bear distinct vibes.That's what makes us unique I guess. I wish to get to know them better and learn to accept their goods and bads; change them if I could and most of all love them as much. 

With all the memories that it bears.... :)) Had a great-long-break in 2012, but too bad it was wasted to nothingness. I know I can't make up for what has passed. So, I believe this is also a goodbye-farewell teenage life. We're moving on to the next level... Adulthood ! Can't believe it's happening :| I don't think I'm ready to go 20 at all.... but oh well... better make a list of what to cover up for next year...

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