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Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011


this is the where I came from....

I miss you =) you know?

- Back then I was waiting the moment when I can leave you behind completely.- And now I'm here in a place full of challenges and I got what I longed for since then. - I knew I would have to face this sooner or later once I step out and leave you. - If it's not because of you, I wouldn't end up here... I just miss you so much. - You taught me everything, you're the street of my past, my book of life, my everything. - I know I will never be able to turn back time. But just so you know I thank you. -I miss you a LOT ! I can't thank you enough for giving me so much in life. - I will not fail you ! I promise I'll stand up and fight ! For YOU.... - I failed last time, and I have this strong feeling that I would still fail this time, I can't find the reason why. No matter how hard I tried, No matter how hard I believed I couldn't reach it. I really need you right now : (  your support and your thoughts. I... I came to realise that I'm still incomplete, there's a part missing in me... I can't DO IT !

HELP ME....... : ( 

I remember you once told me :
 " He gave you hardships because He wants you to remember that you can always rely on Him. He wants you to know that you're just another weak servant. He wishes that you know."

I swear I miss you ....................... lend me strength please : (

" A warrior takes sword in hand,
clasping a gem to his heart."
"Engraving vanishing memories all alone."
"He places finely honed skills in
himself... spoken from the sword,
handed down from the stone"
"A story has been told yet the
end still concealed behead of time."
"Where everything ends, where everything starts."

Di lubuk sanubari,
Asyraf Glee

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