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Ahad, 2 Oktober 2011

That time when you stand all by yourself...

it's hard when you're on your own...

believe it or not, nobody can achieve anything without the help of others
but it's hard to get help from people who're not in the same boat as you
can you see it? convincing people is no duck soup for anyone. imagine
you standing against a torrent wave.

everytime i had to force through weltschmerz because of my failures i tried
to regain back my bristling vigor.  i hadn't much choice but to withdraw,
there are many things i wish to change but i'm afraid my dream is
just a dream.

"how i despise the feeling of frailty. it really made me worthless."

- but a person once told me, "failure and success both teaches you the meaning of a scrupulous journey..." her sense came when i think over it, yes failure taught you to rise, stand up and fight. while success taught you how to be appreciative and valor. without these two elements
one will never learn what life really teach you.

"knowledge is like a weapon, wield it to protect ourself and others"
"intelligence is the sword and wisdom is the shield"

-  Asyraf

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Nur Faryzatul Ain berkata...

suke suke post ni ;D

AsyrafGlee berkata...

knpe knpe knpe??? haha