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Rabu, 31 Ogos 2011

2011 new classmates , new issues , and HOT one too .. bzzz

http://www.smileycodes.infoHi, assalamualaikum :)
it's been a while kan? *over gedik

you wouldn't believe how time passed so quickly that you barely noticed
your dad is aging, your mom's getting wrinkles, all of your uncles are celebrating raya with their grandchildren
accept for your dad. lucky dad for being the youngest. ( shoot i'm the eldest son and the responsibility to enlighten my dad's life in the next 10 years by giving him "cucu" lies on me !)

*Dush ! knock it off ! I'm so not ready for this.. not even a chick ! if you know what I mean

before that I would like to wish all readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and not forgetting
Happy 54th Independence Day to all dear Malaysians hopefully everyone had a blast in their first day of celebration... Anyway, readers malam ni this tonight I couldn't sleep because I was awaken by this what you call "nerve-wracking-alarm" NWA is a silent killer to me oh yes it is ! why? how? first it torments my life real bad.. worst than a phobia. it keeps reminding me on tasks just to make me over-alerting on stuffs. 
second it totally obstruct my plans for the coming days.. jeez I truly hope I can get rid of it but the thing is I CAN'T, well actually I CAN but I'm no the kind that would. lets scribble one "To Do" list here in blog and see for myself what kind of storm or typhoon coming ahead :

1) Computer Literacy - Educational Product (SF) 
2) Malaysian Studies Folio - Part C personal reflection 
3) Study for grammar test - (SF) forgot to bring textbooks but luckily not notes
4) Study for writing test - reviewing structures and all good to go !
5) Study for computer literacy test - hell no ! ._. the chapters are too complex

so here roughly I got 5.. I might be missing out some of it though XD anyway lets not give a crap about this and get back to the main topic.. ok ni memang TESL sangat sapa cakap budak TESL blog mesti "ALL ENGLISH" jangan nak memungkoq sangat but sometimes people you just need to open up that little narrow cramped mind  and thank God that I'm not trashing anyone in this blog like a cheap stake for instance. I've been through a lot since I came here.. like repulsing against culture shock, getting back life into stable condition, learn to talk with my head held high.. not arrogance but confidence, and and distinguishing between friends and not-so-friends lalala.. it's normal when you're in college all stressed up by yourself.. one even might commit suicide.. seriously it's weird nothing like school where you can get all coped up. 
Anyway ! This is my class..

we have 
(aziz (CR) hannah (ACR) kimi,pian,abadi,payeh,arep,amin,fwat,faris,paad,aiman,paan,oja,lah,aida,mama,lina,em,jay,mirah,mirza,zati,yana,aina,markonah,nisa,miera,ajmal,syu,hirza and that's about it kot. ahh and me ! XD

The Sad thing is we WonT be iN the SaMe ClaSS nExT SeMester Due To A sTUpId NeW LaW enFORceMent.. law la sangat..

http://www.smileycodes.info  http://www.smileycodes.info
(to be continued.. next I'll write about the HOT new issues.) 

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