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Sabtu, 3 September 2011

What LEADERS lead ? One of the leader's traits.

Assalamualaikum readers
to be frank I'm happy with my life now !
but there are stuffs that I want to change and I really want to stop dreaming about it now 
because I had enough dreaming I guess.. is it finally the time to voice out? I don't know.. 
http://www.smileycodes.infoI used to think that I wont be accepted especially by new people and for me to accept them. I used to believe that it's better to be off on my own. The truth is, it's easier to walk side by side hand to hand and for those yang think that it's totally uncool to accept a helping hand from others then you are in the very depth of loss. In spite of your capability you are still just a mere human child full of flaws. Since 3 bulan dekat UiTM Lendu ni banyak benda yang I didn't expect would actually eventualize. 

Mostly I observe thing and judge,
not that I'm looking for perfection but I'm trying to evaluate something and keep it in mind like "don't do this again" "avoid hanging with these types" "ignore people who likes to cock-a-doodle-doo" ultimately it's all about "DO NOT" but lack of "DO'S". Here's where the case line starts, I don't want to just observe and judge but I want to change something that I think I'm capable of changing it. I know I'm kinda Mr.Who Do You Think You Are? here. Hey ! When I mention change doesn't mean I wish to change the world or people, what goes around comes around no matter how much you have the visions on changing things that are revolving around your mind, you must first change yourself ! (from here I'm starting to see the point) 

So at heart I haven't seen any potential haters yet, haha well when I get in "stealth mode" where I get bossy and extremely harsh people will start cursing me at my back and when they get so pissed off the red string between us cuts off. There was a time when someone actually stop talking to me since we both got issues between us. I actually hate taking the role as a leader, one thing is because you will carry the weight of the whole society on your shoulder. Second is, if anything goes wrong you are in the very front line before anyone gets a smack on the face. I've been there and I used to be so soft on critiques. Never once I denied what people had to say, that was before I learn this skill that taught me the glory of winning over your arguments in an indirect denotation. Where you can change people's view of yourself 360 degree. I was so damn passive back then, lack of self-esteem, still searching for the right way, and disturbingly slow. That was the hopeless me before I got to know how to boost confidence by just associating it with mere speech.

 Gosh people just don't realize what they can do with the power of speech. I've seen Munirah, Hannah, Hazmira and Rafaad done it before during Miss Siti's class and that was during listening and speaking. It was awesome ! I just enjoy looking at their face, the confidence the face of persuasion they really got their game face on that time, maybe two horns pointed out of their head that time haha. See ! To be frank I think everyone have that special skill that can really boost a lot of charisma in a person and I personally think it's the most important trait of a leader (eg;teacher,father,mother and etc). I'm not saying that it can solve every problems because sometimes you have to throw out your ego and accept what people have to say for a change. Why don't we look from a leader's point of view? A teacher is a leader, a prime minister, a principal, a lawyer... realize it or not I think everyone's a leader just a matter of time when they notice or not. Leading doesn't mean you just have to lead people under your supervision but leading can be clustered in different kind of prospects and I want you to figure by yourself what are those prospects in your own point of view."I want to express myself more, I want to portray myself as someone capable because in few years ahead I will be leading thousands of mind. I've seen a lot and I wish to see lots more. I want to be phenomenal in my own way ! awesome ! and live up to my words. I just wish someone sees it in me."
- from  mr.hdytya! :)

psst:// if you're too scared to step out then just let someone you trust know about it.

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