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Ahad, 4 September 2011

Dah habes raya ! Back to college life :D

http://www.smileycodes.infoAssalamualaikum readers
just as soon as I arrived at my room I felt like blogging
and so here I am lying on the floor with my laptop's on.
http://www.smileycodes.infoactually there was something going on before I entered my room.. (saspen gitu) naah no ghost or whatsoever, my room is on the 1st floor so you'll have to climb some stairs before getting there but the thing is there's a gate at the ground floor stairs.. all 3 wings are locked (holy crap !) and so my friend and I decided to do some spiderman's action if you know what I mean..luckily our room is on the 1st floor not the 3rd or 4th, if not we wouldn't dare doing so due to some guy with humongous luggage he brought which took 3 manpower to lift that thing up,believe or not XD 

Cupcake for everyone ! ~
anyway thank God we're here resting on a comfy bed *sort of* after a long journey

http://www.smileycodes.infoso I guess today we'll be blogging on cupcakes? haha you know I used to dream on being a pastry chef because I can decorate those fugly cakes and make it into these cute stuffs.. I know it sounds kinda lame to some people but I'm the type of guy who would easily fall for cuteness. haha I don't give a shit of what people have to say but seriously it's my nature. I love cuddly animals with big round eyes like cats and rabbits. You wouldn't believe that I met this guy he's a hard rock fan or that screamo thingy whatever you call it..

  "he said he kept rabbits and the way he told me the story of his cushy mushy rabbit was indescribably unbelievable. So here's where we came to realize never ever judge a book by its cover LOL." 

http://www.smileycodes.infohey ! I have 3 weeks left here for semester 1.. I can't wait to jump into semester 2 and I don't even know why. There's a mix of feelings here inside me, one thing to deal with is getting new classmates for the next semester but hopefully one or two or three of my classmates end up being in the same class as me. Well lets not think about that and work hard for Final Exam ! dood ! it's FINAL already? gosh and this week I still have to deal with 3 more papers.

Computer Literacy
Writing 3 & 4

Not forgetting the assignments !!
tsl 061 computer literacy - educational product ( / ) checked !
tms 071 malaysian studies - journal of urban development approximately 100 pages (/) checked !

but still, I haven't study for those tests up there ! NONE !
so wish me luck because tomorrow is the test Monday 4th September 10.30 am writing test 3
I hate exams honestly ! but I hate it MORE when I get low marks.. oh well ! lets not disappoint my parents

at least 3.00 ++ for this sem !

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