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Ahad, 18 September 2011

Tomorrow's a war. (writing final)

That night beauty was latent, glimmering dust of stars decorating the night sky with the moon as its queen. I wasn't surprised of what I saw, but I was enthralled by whoever had created such beauty. I symbolised the sky as a painting made by a famous artist and thy whoever be the artist must be one of a kind. The night when I was tranquilized by mother nature laying down on the soft coastal sand bed. I was soothed by the chimerical cricket's song and the mollifying murmur of the ordeal's waves. I began to think of tomorrow and hereafter, will I ever taste the same sweet air? Will I still recognize the smell of the sea like I did that night. It was a faint memory vaguely visualized, not even close to permanent. I tried for so long to forget and leave it be, yet I remained this way. How can I forget the most memorable night in my life, lying on the sandsea next to the blue crystal clear lagoon with my friends unconscious, tired of the long journey. That was when I got lost with my friends during our first camping trip and it was treacherous yet outstandingly mesmerizing.

At the beginning of the trip we were clustered into groups and luckily I got to be in the same group with the people I was fond to. We went to the island by boat. As we reached the coastline we were amazed, the image of a tropical rainforest came right in front of our vision. We were struck by joy and enthusiasm at the time. I tried to calm a little bit and so do my friend, not to get too excited. We were asked to assemble at the camping ground which was right inside the forest. We walked through this narrow bushy road, on our way we sighted some stunning views of fauna. As such when we encountered a flock of parrots on a tree differed in colours. One was not a parrot, but it was magnanimous among the others. It was a rare species the bird of paradise, told our guider. After that flock of rainbow we saw on the tree we finally reached the entrance of our camping ground. It was a clean, roomy area with the roof of a clear light blue sky surrounded by the shade of trees as its borderline.

At the camping ground we were assigned to set up the tent. One of my friends Matt clownishly broke the rod which was supposed to be our tent pegs. In tantrum, Rick shrilled and threw some harsh words at Matt. I was dismayed by Rick's upheaval behaviour and I snatched the rod from his robust grip. What I managed to analyze was the rod was already corroded so it was not Matt's fault completely. So I stood up for Matt, but Rick was being reluctant to accept. Rick was very deluded by my words as he thought I would support him and bashed Matt. "Enough of this gibberish !" said Matt, the guy was already tomato red and his eyes were blistering. After he snapped out of his mixed up anger the weather of his expression changed, rain of tears began to flood his cheek. Before I could even approached him he ran away into the forest. I tried to chase after him but it was futile as the guy won 400-meter sprint 2 years straight. I stopped, whiffing with despair.

I began to wonder where was I, and suddenly a voice came out of nowhere."Heyy Luke ! wait up." It was Rick, the sight of his face really pissed me off a little bit. I asked him why did he follow me and he said he felt guilty for what he did. Too bad he already missed the boat, if it wasn't for his foolish act we both wouldn't end up at the place. I regained my senses as I thought of Matt, I flaked out the burning anger towards Rick and together we went looking for Matt. Rick began to admonish himself, the guilt was all over him. We went everywhere to search for Matt but we end up failing. The dusk began to flourish as the sky turned dark apricot in colour. Rick and I was getting panicked, we stopped and gathered some firewoods. Luckily we learned how to make a campfire during our briefing session in case of emergency. The midnight was so quiet until some monkeys chattering broke the wood's silence followed by the hoots of the owl. The only sound that remained constant was the crackling campfire. 

On spur of the moment, we heard someone screaming for help "Help ! Somebody help me !" In betwixt and between of our clueless expression wondering from where did that voice came from. We began to hunt for the voice, the closer we got to the voice the more familiar it was to our audio. Finally we saw the figure of a boy standing in a quicksand, it was Matt and he's already halfway in.His legs were stuck in it and he couldn't get them out and at the time he already covered his torso. Luckily we were able to pull him out of it. We hugged Matt and apologized for what happened earlier on that day. All of us were glad to see one another, we continued the journey without sense, our compass was left out at the campground. The night breeze blew so hard that it froze my body right to the very deep of spine. The cold air was actually a sign, it wasn't just any ordinary breeze. As we walked further where the lunar rays shined bright we were welcomed by a staggering view of pure white sandsea and glittery water of the ordeal along with some euphonious sound of the sea breeze.

We lied on our newfound sandy white bed and gazed on the angelic night sky filled with nifty dust of stars. Mother luna was shining to her fullest, her majestic rays soothed our hearts as we were relieved a little after escaping the dark malevolent woods. That night was a nightmare and also indescribably fascinating because we found ourselves a dazzling place such as the lagoon. The water was sparkling as it reflected the moonlight. Out of exhaustion we fell asleep on the beach with our wet clothes. However, the next day I woke up I was in a tent covered with dry blanket and clothes. It turned out we were found at the break of dawn while we were unconscious. I was glad my friends were saved.Still, the divine scenery I saw that night was not a mere fable. That night at the lagoon was very mysterious and until now I couldn't get it off my mind because it was so real. That was the only reason why I couldn't forget this camp trip.

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