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Jumaat, 16 September 2011

Writing (1) ICT : The Cause of Today's Social Ills.

Information and communications technology (ICT) is the cause of today's many social ills. What is your opinion? Support your answers with examples. You should write at least 350 words.

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             Innovation and development in our country have caused many changes especially in various technologies. We are now merging the era where (ICT) Information and communications technology has come crucial to our daily live, however this arrogation for (ICT) to be one major component in almost each and every single activity of our routines. Subsequently, when the goods of (ICT) outshine the cons we tend to be blinded by the replenishment it brings to our country. As for example, we can see how (ICT) improves our administration system, educational system and not forgetting our economy. Virtually the benefits outstandingly overshadowing the negative resolutions in which (ICT) possess, none has the integrity to acknowledge this due to the (ICT) contribution towards our world. According to Cambridge Dictionary (ICT) is where massive exchange of information or data occurs anywhere and anytime. Indeed, it does brings a lot of benefits to our daily life, notwithstanding what if the "information" or "data" we are referring to can be contagiously negative to the vulnerable stakeholders? Interrogating who could they be? Whether we realise it or not the most affected by the (ICT) which left venomous impact as it is poisoning their mind and slowly corrupting it. Perplexed, (ICT) has been causing many social ills in reality, despite its contributions to the country. (ICT) provide boundless network which promotes extreme socialisation among youths, inadequate law enforcement of the cyberspace activities , and global stigma.

               Theoretically, (ICT) was meant to ease interaction among humans and also to assist with daily tasks. Nevertheless, when this interaction is not being monitored or subjugated by laws it will cause a major problem especially when pertaining to the boundless network that (ICT) provides for its users. This boundless network promotes extreme socialisation among youths where there is no age restriction or a system obstructing any access from vulnerable users such as youths themselves. Nowadays we have heard of cases where female teens are being lured into trap using the online chat applications. These teens are so curious that they willingly, desperately expose themselves to the dangers of this cyber-stranger. Other examples of extreme socialisation in the (ICT) network is the spread of ideology and absurd cultures, this is proven from our own community where we find youth are painting graffiti on walls which is not originally our local culture, loitering, wearing dark shadowy makeups and ghastly attires, websites accumulating the free-thinkers and not excluding strange dances which they refer as break dance, shuffle and so forth. These cultures are spread from extreme socialisation in the (ICT) itself and still even though we seem to care less about this minor culture spread the fact which these small pies can promote another sequel of extreme cases such as cyber crime which is indeed horrifying. Ultimately, by hook or by crook the community must come to realise that (ICT) is one of the major factors of social ills today !

                On the other hand, jurisprudence or law is one vital element in preventing (ICT) from manipulating its users in an abominable way. We must not take this lightly as these loopholes in our current law that is associated with (ICT) can cause formidable consequences. Despite knowing what (ICT) provides to the global affairs as a country we can still construct our own outline of laws in order to prevent furthermore ills in the society especially the young generations. Malaysia nowadays are lacking of the types of law that can completely vanquished external influences toward our young generations. Moreover, our youngsters nowadays are so advanced with technologies, (ICT) especially, which made them too exposed to the outside forces. Base on a research conducted by Persatuan Sains Social Malaysia (PSSM) which is a government sociological institution, claims that the main reason why children are the second highest influenced by social ills due to what they have learned from the internet which rate 10% increment every single year, whereas youths set up a rate of 25% increment every year. However, these children do not manifest much of what they learn from the internet which can be even more dangerous because parents and teachers cannot predict what are becoming of them. The high curiousity level of children can be controlled if the government properly structures a law in the family institution to avoid children from accessing the internet as they please. The corroboration of parents and school is highly required to eventualise this sentiment. In consumption, the law subjugating our (ICT) must be restricted in order to avoid any outcomes in the future.

                   Last but not least, the reason why (ICT) is believed to be one of the cause of social ills in our community is due the global stigma which substantially influencing our youths to be simple minded and also radically opposing everything they seem to dislike. Global stigma here means whatever is happening out there regardless if it is confidential or not being spread through the (ICT) and causing the youths especially which are not mature enough to evaluate what they've seen or read. Example of global stigma is when a conflict in a country's government, or maybe the ideology of someone authorised pertaining a concept is being reinterpreted and spread throughout the internet, and to those immature viewers might take it the wrong side and manifest radical behaviour which also leads to social ills. As to portray the image, we can see nowadays gangsterism is spreading wide and they come forth in different views and principle. Ironically, these cultures are developed by youth who thinks they are relevant enough to establish a group which in reality doesn't bring any good to the community at all, what they contribute to the community is nothing but mess. Some of the cultures comprise of simple thinkers while the others are the groups of radical one where they are trying to inject their philosophies in the community. We can see a few names coming out on papers trying to interfere with the political administration where they use (ICT) as the media to spread deception and accusation, and once we have a youth doing a cover of his own "Negaraku" our national anthem. These cases bring nothing but shame to the country and our people, and hence we prove here that (ICT) is wrongly used as an equipment for casting conspiracies and introducing unhealthy cultures from unknown sources on the internet.Therefore, it is confirmed that internet cause social ills by stimulising global stigma from it sources.

                  Beyond recall, internet has been a contributing factor towards social ills, it is spreading worldwide information without the recognisation of any legal source or writer which mean anyone can inject anything through the internet, global stigma or mind virus shall we name it that potentially leads mind corruption hence triggering other social ills indirectly. Not only that, (ICT) also cause social ills due to the loopholes in the laws subjugating the system. Sooner or later, the government must take action in solving this problem by amending the laws or repeal any law that is irrelevant in our days now. Last to figure, the internet is providing perpetual boundless network which is not good for certain reasons as such the negative impacts it leave to our young generations who are immature and incapable of evaluating what they learn from a non-authorised souces. In spite of it as a global oriented technology it is not necessary to alienate the system or ban it completely, because we can still find the initiatives or structure our own system which is more suitable to our culture and community. The followings are the flaws of (ICT) in our country Malaysia, it is a potential trigger of social ills that are manifesting nowadays and significantly in the future. As a developing country social ills must not be allowed to spread uncontrolled because if we fail to overcome problem such as the social ills how are we going to alleviate the country when it becomes an advance country where greater challenges await. Therefore, the (ICT) needs to be properly used by everyone and developed with sense for brighter future.

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*aku guna MUET punya soalan tak ingat tahun berapa



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