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Selasa, 4 Oktober 2011

And There she goes.. Part 1

October in rain was nothing unusual back in my hometown. Stifling wind breezed on that quiet evening road, blowing some dried leaves along with it. I can hear nothing but mellifluous verse of nature. I remembered that was the time I found out it was her. In the midst of an easy street day she broke through my eyes abducting me from what had primitively got my attention. There she was, walking adroitly in her cute steps.Well at least I thought so because of her small countenance,she was an eyecandy to everyone. And that includes me.

"dah banyak kali aku buat2 tak nampak
tinggi manapun ego ini, pon tewas jugak.
dan biarlah ia tewas kepada yang baik.
betulka cinta itu anugerah? aku ragu.
kalau begitu kenapa ada yang merana?"

Though I was really into that girl. I was still not convinced of what I felted. There were doubts harrowing inside me. Eversince I realised this, my heart was never at ease. I kept thinking of her. My eyes were always on her at school. Everytime I saw her my heart would race like it was about to stick off my chest. I've kept it secret from everyone. Silly me for keeping it to myself and it got sillier when I decided to tell a friend, he was... Max (of course it's not his real name), that Max he was never credible. I said so because.. oh well you guessed it ! He told everyone and ended to that girl's lore.

After the rumours spread, few days later, I got a call. It was from someone. A number that I was not fond of. Howbeit that person really knew how to lure out my intrusiveness. My phone kept ringing unanswered, five misscalls were in my call log.  It left me no choice but to answer. After the seventh attempt of calling, I finally answered. "Hello, who's this?" I said that with my adrenaline running me insanely nervous, I had the feeling it was a girl. Withal, it ended with a long perpetual sound "beep beep beep...", annoying enough I would say.

The next day I went to school. It was during recess, I bumped into her once again. Surprisingly enough, she smiled at me, with her girlfriends teasing her, and I retaliated. I tried to refrain myself from making assumptions. It was a trivial attempt. Guess what? I ended smiling alone and laughing all day to myself. She was so charming with that smile of hers. The image kept visualising in my head. I noticed her eyes smiled along too. "Was that really for me?" I asked myself monotonously. It was indeed like a dream come true for me.

"Bahagia bila cinta memanggil.
Namun tak siapa tahu sampai bila.
Hati yang muda, mentah dibuai mimpi.
Mengharap suatu yang tidak pasti.
Sukar untuk kita tafsir mana satu realiti.
Dan mana satu fantasi, begitulah zaman remaja."

That weekends I was doing nothing, laying on my cozy bed while looking at the sky of my fenestra. The view of a velvet evening with the sun slightly resting on its bed. The sky was getting dark with dusky orange light coming from the west. On spur of moment, I was woke up by a message tone. I rose from my lazy posture and frantically reached my phone. As usual, any guy would expect a call or texts at a time like this. As I turned on my phone I saw the mysterious number again sent me a text. It reads, "hi is this Nick? it's me June. sorry if I got the wrong number." I was on cloud nine, gleeful and what else describing happy? Everything ! I replied "hey June =] you got just the right number."

To Be Continued...
*cerita ini ada kena mengena dengan yg masih hidup ka? anda tentukan haha

Lakaran pena,
Asyraf Glee

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