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Rabu, 28 Disember 2011

none taken

In life, I have everything,
Yet I feel, something’s missing,
The lack of it makes me upset,
But I can’t, however hard I try to forget,

I really want to believe,
I want to pretend I have found my Eve,
But I know the truth, so what should I do,
I wish I had an answer, I wish I knew,

I dream of ambling along,
In this serene weather with Eve by my side,
Yet, something has always gone wrong,
When will my pain and loneliness subside,

I wish this solitude were a nightmare,
That’ll get over when I awake,
Alas, it’s real, I am aware,
And I am cursing fate for this prolonged heartbreak,

I despise being forlorn and lonely,
I wish I had my Eve, with me,
Alas, another day will be spent in solitude,
Still searching for true joy, boundless in magnitude,

In life, some voids can never be filled,
Some desires can never be killed,
I have now begun to realize this,
So I want my Eve, quickly, for love is bliss…………

2 ulasan:

Ajeerah Russlan berkata...

poem utk aku eh. thank u. hehe

AsyrafGlee berkata...

a'ah untuk kau :P