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Jumaat, 18 Februari 2011

every morning... I... grrr


ugghhh I dunno why every mornin whenever I woke up from sleep and tried to sleep back after subuh prayer it always didn't work... aiyaaa kinda pissing me off sometimes.. great now your picking on yourself for not being able to sleep back after waking up..
arr ! now I felt like screaming with a pirate voice ngaaa...

Soo whenever this kind of thing happen I buat pa ehh? 
*psst did u noticed my old habit is coming back :) I will play game of course PS2 / PSP wanna see what I play? hehe.. cuz I'm into role playing game *RPG  there siap highlight bagiii haha.... just a sec !

and... here it is.. what I've been playing in PSP and I'm almost done with the chapters XD Aye! yg sebelah kiri tu I installed in my PSP yg sebelah kanan in PS2 cuz its not available in PSP wink2*

WARNING ! people who don't like games might think I'm a geek
*psst do I care? not at all.. I sincerely don't give a crapp hee

so both game was fun lemme show u my favorite character for both games just a sec...

tadaaa ! jeng3 this are all the characters in mana khemia one and I like the ghost girl Pamela and Vayne the leading character both have grey hair haha..

and wait the second part also got its own characters..

here in MK2 I like Chloe the brown haired glassed girl and Enna the boy with like blue hair
actually the conversations in this game are so hilarious the jokes were good ! I laughed for it..

I know semua dah bosan reading bout my game hahah... but to those who like RPG game do try out these two games cuz its great.. I'm almost done with MK1 in PSP going for the last chapter..

I haven't play FF12 for ages.. rasa mcm nak main balek laa.. cuz the language they use in there very classic and and the storyline is awesome

I guess that's all the review from me .. saya sangat suka game2 macamni main 2 3 kali pn tak cemuih.. its a long-long-loooonnng way up ahead game.. kalau nak finish the game agak lama cuz its a dvd story based game.. haha jadi begitulah saya mengisi kebosanan saya di sini... and I'm loving it.. no FB just blog me and games 

ok la good bye and thanks for reading 

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