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Rabu, 16 Mac 2011

Anugerah 3 hari : KOMEN SAYA and presenting... JENG3

Assalamualaikum again heee

ok at first I couldn't tell who will be the speakers of "sementra" this year ? I was hoping Uma Regu and Dania would take the lead but it turns out only Uma willing to join this year.. that's too bad : | and what else that made me really sad? last year's debaters Eileen Aini and Regu didn't attend the camp.. I was really looking forward to see them ! cuz I miss them actually haha.. miss the fuss and fight they made last year especially regu and aini XD most of the time they disagree with each other.. hehe and Teacher Zakiah would made her sweet clueless face every time she saw the fight XD LOL but well since they didn't come I invited Adam to help out ! Thanks for coming bro ! I really can't say enough... sorry for troubling you somehow.. with the uncomfortable hospitality.. I should've let you stay at my home actually but I was selfish for some reasons.. cuz I want to be there in school  : ) maybe it's the last chance I could get.. sorry to drag you along

here are the potential speakers that caught my eyes...

I believe Nura can do well if she can get rid of her laziness to think more of something XD she just needs the ideas and exposed more to debate.. Uma also needs to dig in more knowledges but that guy got a brain that really thinks further than the others.. so basically Nura is a contrast to Uma

Zati ! everyone expect her to do much much better.. and I believe so too.. I don't know but deep here inside I always believe in her to be a great speaker one day.. she got the look that everyone will fear once she get serious.. Zati you need to learn some brutal style ! : D learn it from Uma

Hanan and Syuhada.. Hanan has some potentials that haven't show.. she needs to improve her language and also learn to respect people XD she might need to stop being so straight forward .. she looks awkward when speaking but I know she's getting used to that stage presence ! she'll be a great speaker in 1 year I know she will...

Here's my junior Farhana she's not a participant but she came to help out : ) thanks ! thanks a lot ! she kept saying that I'm more friendly and better than Nicolas.. friendly? umm yeah maybe but still I think Nicolas is waayy better than me in debating .. good luck Farhana ! you're a fast learner which is your advantage !

ok this time we really had much fun XD wadah took over the show for herself... arif and wadah just can't help but fight.. (they remind me of aini and regu)

and there's Sir Redza the new "supervisor" of English Debate "sementra" :) he's cool ! he was a debater too ! I like his voice wish I got voice like him ! deep clear voice ! but still I'm grateful of what I have : )
Back to the juniors William ! he's a deep thinker just like Uma but he speaks like a blade really striking when he really gets into it.. He manage himself well during his speech but still he needs more exposure.. Aida is another pipsquake in the team.. the little cheeky voice XD Aida need more confidence.. she needs to be pushed further.. she still lack of dynamic in her speech.. sometimes it sounds like she's just there talking.. but I believe she can be a great debater too : )


Presenting the speakers :

hehe GOOD LUCK EVERYONE ! I trust all of you ! ALL THE BEST
Wassalam.. tomorrow we'll call Teacher Zakiah and talks to her about everything ! yepyep hehe

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Dang, Uma is so damn fierce when he's with me -.- I'm scared. Woaaaa, you make me terharu gegilaa ;P don't expect too much. I'm so lack of confidence and knowledge. grrrrr