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Jumaat, 18 Mac 2011

Something that I fear in life...

Assalamualaikum :)

Extinct.. a word that had been bugging my mind sometimes. You wanna know something?

I'm really scared of one thing and that is to be "extinct" extinct in other's mind, to be extinct in someone's life especially those who're dear to me like close friends, teachers, and so on. Why? Because to be forgotten to me will leave a real deep wound inside one's heart. Yeahh.. we can't expect everyone to remember us forever no matter how big our deeds to them, no matter how they owe us for something, no matter how sweet the memories we've gone through with them.. like someone once told me "nothing last forever in this world" even our emotions change, even our blood lines change as time pass by. Do you remember how your great grandmother looks like? The mother of your grandmother? I think 90% would answer "NO" .. this is "extinct", I'm not expecting an everlasting legacy or a sculpture of myself in the future.. when I'm gone but I guess "extinct" is something that no one could escape.. One day, you'll meet someone who once very dear and close to you. Both of you will stare at each other with no guts to ask "Have we met somewhere?" or "I think I know you !".. but the real situation most probably both you and that person will just  walk pass each other without a word or stare XD.. that'll sure hurts a lot when you reach home and suddenly you remember.. but too bad that chance you just had was like 1 in a million : | regretful ! yes indeed...

i wish that this world has a library and within it lies billions of books.. on each book carved a person's name on it.. and of course the book tells all about the person's life ever since he/she was born to this world..

psst: I guess all of us will be forgotten one day and only He who keeps all the "video record" of our life from the day we were born until the day of our funeral. This world is "temporary" afterall

So, nothing in this world is meant to be eternal.. even the Quran wrote that one day, at the end of times, human will forget He who created them, He who bestowed all blessings, He who gave them the 5 senses and even gave life to them a soul to their body , they will forget their religion their prophet Muhammad SAW.. everything ! Wallahualam only He knows when that time comes... so here we stand alive in this world should always be ready to be forgotten and forget those things we once hold.. sweet memories wont be forever sweet just like "sugar dissolves in water" .. to me I pray that I will always remember those who helped me, who raised me, who taught me and contributed a lot in my life.. and I pray that I forget those who did wrong to me.. so I wont hold any grudge or bide hatred towards them.. THE END

Emptiness is something that teaches you to appreciate better.. when people still remember you say "Thanks" because you don't know how much it hurts to be forgotten

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Hamdi Hamzah berkata...

acap... ironically, i know what u mean... kt facebook, aq sj2 tgk smua gmba2 yg ada... smua photo album kwn2 aq.... igtkn nk happy tgk all the good times... but, aq rsa sedih... to know that i may not have such a good time or even start to forget the good times with my friends... ngn skrg, aq mcm x leh smbng tgk gmba2 2 psl aq tkt rsa sedih lg.... it's hard to be strong especially when moving on with life... :)

asyraf_glee berkata...

yes exactly :) what else can we do kan hamdi? thanks sebab baca this post sudi komen plak tu..truth to be told i tried my best to keep in touch with everyone.. but it's impossible to keep things straight all the time tambah2 bila all we got is one sided respond.. eventually we'll have to accept this from time to time yg there's no such thing as "everlasting"