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Rabu, 13 April 2011

this freaks the hell out of me

Alhamdulillah sangatlah bersyukur, 
even if it's just an interview notice from UITM it's still a valuable chance and it's a lifetime opportunity for me to prove myself, that i'm worthy I have my own capabilities and I won't disappoint my parent anymore.I texted my teacher, i can't describe the feeling when i read "i know u can do it"
My Teachers.... thanks a lot

if you guys weren't there for me i wouldn't have end up liking the language at all
you have no idea how much i value our clashes our student-teacher bond if i didn't meet Madam SolehaI would never understand the joy of writing stories that satisfy reader's emotional compulsions and make them smile,laugh,... so on, if i were not destined to meet Madam Suriyati, I wouldn't learn the true value of literatures if Allah didn't give me courage to voice out my opinions and show what I got, then Madam Roz wouldn't listen to what I have to say and she wouldn't recommend me to be appointed as a school speaker. Finally, Madam Zakiah who taught me to be prudent of my words and to open up a whole new dynamic world that I've never experienced in my entire life.... up until I was in form 5

Personally, I wished I've met these teachers since I'm in form 1.. it's okay I'm glad that I still did. hehe.With this I vow to fulfill my wish together with my parent's hope that I'll accomplish this task full forced.There's no more holding back, It's a gamble of my future. My career and my life after this initially depend on my consecution of taking this course... I'll do my very best : )

psst:// this is like the biggest deal of my life and i need to solve it methodically and wise
psst:// thx jugak kat kawan-kawan yang always supportive
psst:// the diligent values my friends showed truly made me realize a lot of things

(amaran post ini mengandungi unsur kebosanan yang membunuh harap maklum)

5 ulasan:

Shahirah Zainol berkata...

haha goodluck kawan!

dalam byk2 cikgu tu aku kenai madam zakiah ja haha. mentor aku kat skolah dulu nama teacher soleha hahaha :D tapi aku rasa bukn org yg sama kot noh :)

goodluck again !!

nZ berkata...

goodluck wehh..
UiTM reject aq..sedihnya..):

susah laa sistem UPU ni..
dpt 1 offer dr U ja..

zaty berkata...

woa..tahniah! tahniah!
TESL kan?best of luck kawan. =)

icha fariha berkata...

gudluck weii .. prepare baek tau.. :D

gadis kechil berkata...

akuh nk tulih bm ahh yg laen suma tulih bi *sengal =.='