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Khamis, 6 Oktober 2011

post pendek mendek pundek...

Dear girls, I am the type of guy who would not please you with words. 

Dear friends, I am the type of pal who likes to be relied on not to be shitted on.

Dear teachers, I am the type of student that wants you to be my textbook and introduce me the world.

Dear parents, I am the type of son who will trouble you for life and make sure it's worth the pain.

Dear haters, I don't retaliate to hatred but once I do don't expect me to slow down.

Dear Allah I need you to lend me strength so I can stick to be me forever and ever.

"usually I don't mean what I speak, but once I do, my crudity knows no bound. I'm dead serious. You don't want to appeal as a bandersnatch in my life."

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